Welcome Back

How different will Mass be, now that we are restarting on May 30/31?
–It will be more like a weekday Mass.
–It will be more like a “low Mass,” if you can remember “high” vs “low” Masses.
–There will be a Liturgy of the Word and a Liturgy of the Eucharist, like always.
–There will be Communion.
–There will be bulletins.
–There might be ushers seating you when you arrive, maybe in a place you’re not used to sitting, in
order to fill the –Church efficiently with social distancing.
There won’t be a Children’s Liturgy of the Word.
There won’t be a Rosary before Mass.
There won’t be socializing before or after Mass.
There won’t be communal singing.
Obviously, there won’t be hand-holding, Sign of Peace, or distribution of the cup.
Mass will be short.
Mass won’t feel as “warm” or “personable” as it used to.
But that’s ok!
It’s better than nothing!
It’s all in the name of safety and reassuring people who want to go.
And it will get better with time.
Still, there is no “Sunday obligation” until further notice from the Archbishop–probably not until there is a vaccine.
There will be weekday Masses, too, so that’s an option if you want to go to Church but only when there is a much smaller
And you shouldn’t come to Mass if:
–you are at high risk of contracting Covid-19
–you don’t feel comfortable being in public yet
–you are sick or are caring for sick people at home
Thanks for your patience and understanding as we take some small, first steps back towards normal. We will adjust as
necessary from week to week. Praise the Lord!
Also, here’s a couple items that you will either see at your parish, or will be in use by parish councils and staff to get the
space ready:
Sincerely in Christ, Fr. Nick