Christmas Mass Times


Christmas Eve – Thurs. Dec 24:                  

St. Patrick, Anamosa             4:00 pm

St. Patrick, Anamosa             9:00 pm

Christmas Day – Fri. Dec 25:

St. Patrick, Anamosa             9:00 am


CHRISTMAS MASSES IN THE LINKAGE: With the help of two retired priests of the Archdiocese, this  linkage of four parishes plans to celebrate its regular slate of Masses for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  The current surge of coronavirus means that everyone needs to think about their plans and make adjustments as needed. The 4pm Christmas Eve Masses are normally the most popular, and the most crowded.  Capacity will be reduced to a small percentage of normal seats due to social distancing requirements, which will be   enforced.  If your family can attend  a different Mass, please do so. If you choose to attend a 4pm Mass, know that seats will be taken in a first-come, first-served basis, with seating available in the Church basement served by an audio-visual system.  When the space is full, additional arrivals will have to be turned away, and choose another Mass. The Mass will be recorded, as usual, and available online as soon as possible for those who cannot attend, or choose not to.  Archbishop Jackels recently reminded us again that there is no obligation to attend Mass on Sundays or Holy Days of obligation, including Christmas.